Nestled within acres of formal gardens and placid waterways, the Rubicon Space is designed as a place where visitors can take respite. The gallery is an escapism for artist and viewer, displaying carefully fabricated realities that may transport the viewer out of their daily world to places of peace and serenity, curiosity, and perhaps even inspiration.

The Rubicon Space was created in the summer of 2006 by Eugenie Delacroix and Mims Reynoir, lifelong New Orleans dwellers who had fled their Garden District home the week after Hurricane Katrina made landfall. While exploring the Forli-Cesena region of northern Italy during their peripatetic evacuation, they stumbled across the Rubicon River and never crossed back.

Delacroix and Reynoir were shadowy figures in the background of the New Orleans art scene for many years. They made their fortune as successful pseudonymous genre writers of romance and mystery novels, and chose to share their wealth by supporting emerging artists. They first met Debra Howell in 1993 during the "Transparent Object" exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans, where they responded so enthusiastically to "Mirroring the Soul", Howell's series of translucent, ephemeral portraits of the human soul, that they subsequently claimed to have posed for, or at least inspired, these works via a perfect intersection of parallel universes. In New Orleans, after all, reality is as much about fiction as fact and as fluid as the surrounding water.

Welcome to their world. Enjoy. Rest. Escape.

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